Fancy Unordered Lists (bullet points) using CSS

List Icons with CSS

Have you ever wanted to add fancy bullet points to your unordered lists in your(x)HTML but never knew how? The truth is, it’s actually really easy to achieve. All you need to do is add a CSS class to your unordered list and then use your CSS to add your chosen image as the bullet points. In this post I’ll walk you through this step by step. First lets take a quick look at the list we’re going to be creating:

  • This is the first list item
  • This is the second list item
  • and this is the third list item

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How to center a website accross all browsers using CSS

Now I’m not sure about you, but I really do hate websites that are stuck on the left of the screen, and from talking to a few friends, I know I’m not alone with this pet hate. The thing is, that many beginner site designers may also dislike this left alignment, but simply do not know how to make their site appear in the center of the screen, but others may have centered their site absolutely perfect in their favourite browser, but are totally unaware that it may not be centered in others.
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