Running IE6, IE7 and IE8 on the same pc (even on Vista)

For many web designers and developers, getting a website to look and function the same in different browsers can often be a challenge. This challenge is often made even more difficult when trying to achieve the same appearance across Microsofts hugely different versions of it’s Internet Explorer browser – none of the IE browsers have ever complied to web standards, and each different version comes with it’s own quirks to deal with. So you would think you could just install all the different versions and test your web pages in each of them…wrong, it’s often impossible to get all the different versions (namely IE6, IE7 and IE8) running on the same computer, especially if you are running Windows Vista which will not let you install IE6 at all.

For XP users, Tredsoft’s “Multi IE” ( has been a godsend for a while now, although this solution still will not work on Windows Vista.

I stumbled accross something today, whilst searching for a solution to this Vista problem, and this solution will actually allow Vista users to preview web pages utilising a online rendering engine for IE5.5, IE6, IE7 and IE8beta2, all nicely packaged up into a single desktop application, which even allows you to view say a IE6 rendered page alongside a IE7 rendered version of the same page. This program is called “IE Tester” from, and it absolutely blew me away when as found it, as it does exactly what I need (viewing pages under different Internet Explorer rendering engines) IN WINDOWS VISTA!

If you are suffering the nightmare scenario of needing to test website pages in different versions of Internet Explorer, but cant install all the different versions you need onto the same PC, and especially if you are needing to do this in Windows Vista, then I recommend you give IE Tester a try – it works like a dream for me, and saves me having to run a seperate XP computer just for testing.

You can download MyDebugbar’s “IE Tester” from the following link:

IE Tester Screenshot
IE Tester Screenshot